Pre Departure Orientation

Studying abroad is a huge step and represents a significant change in your lifestyle. Our team gives you an introduction to the Bridging program, easing your transition to student and work life overseas and helping you to adjust to the changes expected. You will get an orientation to an international lifestyle, and get a pre-departure briefing. All assistance will be provided with respect to air tickets, foreign exchange and medical insurance. You will be given advice on baggage and what to pack, and if you need it you can get advice and assistance with accommodation. You will also be picked up from the airport and welcomed upon your arrival.

Accommodation and Airport Pickup:
We help students arrange for Airport Pickup , either through University or Indian association over there. This is critical as often student is tense and tired due to long flight, immigration delays and general tension about going to a new place. We also help the students book accommodation either at university or outside with some other students.