Portage College is a public board-governed community college in Lac La Biche, Alberta, Canada. Portage has seven campus locations throughout northeastern Alberta.

As part of a federal effort to investigate fundamental adult education, Alberta NewStart was founded in Lac La Biche in 1968. Academic improvement, trapping, managing wild fur, and oilfield administration were just a few of the diverse subjects covered by NewStart. The government ultimately chose to shut down the facility and stop the research, though, after a number of months. When they learned that their school would soon be closing, a group of Aboriginal pupils made the decision to protest the government by staging a sit-in. The government gave the group a grant to continue the NewStart programme because they were effective. Pe-Ta-Pun, which translates to “New Dawn,” became the name of the institution.

The college was reopened as the fifth Alberta Vocational Center in the province in 1973 after the Alberta government took control of it. telecasts from 1973 to 1980

Admission open for April 2023 and Sep 2023 Intake :

Application Fees 100 CAD

Campus – Edmonton, Alberta


  • Teaching Assistant Diploma – 2 Years
  • Diploma in Business Management – 2 Years
  • Diploma in Business Accounting – 2 Years
  • Administrative Professional Certificate – 1 Year
  • Business Foundations (Advanced) Certificate – 1 Year


  • IELTS – 6.0 score in each module 
  • PTE – Overall 53 score not less than 52 score 
  • Grade 12th  – 60% Overall score 
  • Grade 10th Math 60%  score 
  • Grade 12th Math 50%  score

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