Shortlisting Of Universities

Shortlisting Of Universities

Way2Abroad Shortlists The University As Per The Following Criteria:

Ranking of Institution

Although the rating methodology varies and it differs as per the rating institution, it does supply an perception into the first-class of Institution. We continually hold it in our foresight whilst choosing the Universities.

Accreditation of the Institution

This is amongst the most essential element in choice of the universities. It displays the great of organization and attention of degree. HOC ensures that we follow to solely recognized, nicely approved institutions.

Academic Percentage [Last Qualification]

A very vital component in choice of university, as it displays the overall performance of the pupil in his place of study. Most of the universities focal point on this as this is the basis based totally on which they would base their similarly studies.

Scores in Entrance Exams [GRE/GMAT/SAT/TOEFL/IELTS/PTE]

There are two sorts of Entrance assessments 1) English Proficiency [TOEFL/ IELTS/ PTE] 2) Other Prerequisite Exams like GRE/ GMAT/ SAT. Most of the Universities have very strict prerequisites for English necessities and would provide English instructions in instances of much less scores. However, GRE/GMAT/SAT necessities is taken in conjunction with Academic scores.


Before resolution of the faculties we commonly communicate to student’s mother and father to get an estimate about the training charge budget. While shortlisting we make certain that we adhere to the budget.


We ask the college students if they have a unique vicinity preference in the chosen country. We attempt to choose universities in the neighborhood of the location.

Opportunities for Scholarships/Assistantships

Many universities provide Scholarships/ Assistantships/Tuition Waiver for the students. We continually inform the identical to the college students and inform them about the methods for it.

Campus Safety

Safety is paramount and a fundamental fear for college students and parents. We make certain that all the City, college and close by areas are protected and don’t have any records of violence.


Internships offers the college students to get actual time work ride in a overseas u . s . the student’s areas of expertise. Many universities have a tie-up with enterprise whereby they collaborate to grant the same.

Opportunities for Part Time Jobs

Most of the college students seem to be for an chance to work part-time whilst studying. Part time is allowed solely on campus in USA, so we seem for campuses which are giant ample to have possibilities for on campus jobs. Other Countries provide off-campus jobs, so ideally we focal point on areas which have possibilities for it.

Feedback from Existing Students and Alumni

It’s constantly the first-rate way to understand first hand about a unique institution. We make sure that we are in contact with current college students who are analyzing there and supply realtime comments to potential students.


We furnish the data about the prevailing climate stipulations over there as many college students aren’t capable to tolerate excessive cold.