Exploring Your Educational Journey: Study in the UK at Suffolk University

Are you considering pursuing your higher education in the United Kingdom? Look no further than Suffolk University, a prestigious institution nestled in the heart of one of England’s most vibrant cities. With its rich history, diverse culture, and world-class education system, the UK offers a unique and rewarding experience for international students. Let’s delve into why Suffolk University should be at the top of your list for pursuing your academic aspirations abroad.
Admissions open for sep 24 intake .
Course Fee with placement : £18,380
MSc Strategic People Management(with placement)

Entry Requirement for PG
Academic Requirements
Minimum 3-year bachelor’s degree with 55% from all universities
English Requirements
MOI Accepted for the last 10 years Degree

Course Fee
Suffolk Executive MBA : £17,100
Fee with placement : £18,470

•International Merit Scholarship (UG/PGT)
An automatic scholarship worth £1000 if students meet our published entry requirements, or £2000 if they exceed them.
•Vice-Chancellor’s International Excellence
£4000-Application based.
A competitive scholarship for students show achievement and dedication to their field both during and after their studies.
•Suffolk Executive MBA Scholarship
An automatic scholarships for students on our Suffolk Executive MBA course.

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